With Garage n Bass, Length Matters – In The Garage With Phonetix and BrainZ – ITG 011

New year, same format… hey, if it ain’t broke – don’t try to fix it, eh? We’re back in 2022, fending off the January blues best we can by discussing the latest Garage & Bass smoke. In this episode, we discuss essential new releases from Backup Plan, Tyde, Ben Hydro, Hamdi, Tom Bull, Kyo and Tom-i. We run through everything else you need to listen to (including 🔥 from the likes of MPH, Hans Glader, Tuff Culture, Sammy Virji and more!), and revisit a couple of lost gems from Lee Rees and Davinche. We also discuss the hot potato that is track lengths (or shorts, as the case may be).