Jazzstep Boners – In The Garage With Phonetix and BrainZ – ITG 012

It’s that time again to get tumescent with trumpets as we’re back with our monthly Garage n Bass round up. The tail-end of winter is always an interesting (read: sometimes bleak) time for the music release cycle, as the end-of-year rush stops and people start planning for that summer anthem. We talk about fresh tracks from Duke Skellington, Oppidan, Bake, MPH, MKII, Zegeon and a whole bunch more. We also dive back into the lost years of UKG, with Control-S & DIY as our guides. To round off, we talk about the resurgence (or insurgence) of UK Garage playlists on streaming services like Apple & Amazon Music, and take a quick gander at Kanye West’s new bonkers distribution model.