Rise of the Johnny One-Play – In The Garage With Phonetix and BrainZ – ITG 009

It’s that time of year where every website is hyping up sales around some sort of darkened Friday. Us Brits seemingly adopted this crazed day revolving around spending as much money as you can straight after a public holiday that we don’t celebrate. Quite frankly, it’s baffling. Did not see any UK Garage discounts going on my favourite MP3 sites. But anyway, I digress. We’re checking in on our favourite Garage n Bass thumpers from the past month, with tracks from Laura Alice, kyo, Matt Carey & Hien, Hans Glader, Bass Trick & Friendless. We revisit tunes from yesteryear from MJ Cole & Qualifide. We also debate the rising trend of only ever playing out a song once before it’s gone forever – the Johnny One-Play.